When it comes to fixing cars, there are tons of work nuances that must be taken into account. Most of our customers tend to know some of them, so we always have a good deal of questions asked all the time. To make life easier both for our clients and for ourselves, we’ve compiled an ultimate list of the mist frequently asked questions, which is what you can see yourself on this page.

Q: How often does my car need servicing?

A: Nearly all modern cars require servicing once a year, or every 19,000 km. If your car is exposed to regular strain, such as towing, you should consider an interim inspection. A service includes routine lubrication of all working parts, oil change, safety checks just to name a few Typically, gearboxes require servicing every 40,000 km.

Q: When do I need new tyres?

A: Tyres are the only thing that attach our cars to the road, and tyre problems affect your car’s ride comfort, handling, and safety. Here are some simple tire safety tips to help keep you and your car’s occupants safe. Check your tyre pressure regularly There is usually a sticker inside the drivers door frame indicating the correct pressure. Check for tread depth It is a good idea to rotate your tyres, front to back every 8,000 km to maintain even wear. Always replace at least two (on the same axle), and preferably four tyres at a time. Check for even wear Tyres should not become bald along the inside or outside edge – if so , get the alignment checked out.

Q: Why should I bother servicing my car?

A: Apart from the obvious safety aspect attached to having your car regularly serviced, it makes financial sense too. A properly maintained car uses less fuel, causes less wear and tear, and will hold its value. Vehicles with a full service history typically attract more buyers at a higher prices.