Car Care: Summer Maintenance Check


While enjoying the summer is fun for some, many drivers forget to make sure their car requires a maintenance check throughout the summer months.

Being car care aware will allow you to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for any hot summer weather that it might get into while on the road, says auto expert Clara Watkins. “Many drivers ignore the basic auto care this time of year, even with the dangers of…

Here are a few things to remember of the summer months. 
  1. Ensure your water temperature in your car is set at the appropriate level, detail can be found in your car manual.
  2. Ensure your lights are all fully functional, just because we have increased daylight we something forget. 
  3. Ensure your tyre pressure is set to the correct pressure. 
  4. Check your Oil on a regular basis over the summer months. 
  5. Remember to top up the water for your windscreen wipers regularly. 

T & A Bryne Auto provide full car servicing. Please contact Tommy or Alan for more details.